a little money has come in and i was able to test a batch with the new sealing method and for shooting star and meythlen chloride it is working well with very few errors now. The issues that are still at large is the dye but should be getting the correct dye soon to test. The oil versions they have given consistent results but again a dye problem. Things are looking good but unfortunately may not be available for this season. Please check back often for updates.


I am scheduled to seal a limited batch of tubes at about the end of November. It looks like standard solid color tubes will only be sealed and if i have time some of the tall and or specialty ones. I will update when those will be available.


During the summer months has had a negative effect when sealing a batch of tubes giving a very black tip when sealing. I had not had this issue before but it seems to have shown up for some reason. I have been able to solve this issue and things are working great......but on the other hand we have just had a newborn girl and with working full time it has made it very difficult to get any more headway at this time. I hope to seal more up either in October or November to make them available so please bear with me.


It looks that i may have successfully designed an LED engine that will also generate enough heat to bubble an led tube. Please see the video on the first page. This is also pared with a prototype series 400 Matchless star replica that i am working on and this is under testing as we speak. The led version currently runs on 12v but the standard matchless star will also be LED as well.