Possible Future Designs matchless

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These items below are either half way designed or items that i don't have funding for. This could be either tooling costs are high or have not had the capitol to move forward.

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Please send an email regarding what designs you would like to see in the future. I will try to focus on other products if there is a lot of interest in an item.


Please keep in mind that i am very small and depending on the complexity of the items, i will not be able to put a time frame and it may take a long time.

Matchless star model 400

Prototype LED matchless star bubble light 12v DC 200ma

I have the matchless star base and bubble tube holder. I have made the points and center gem out of 2 part polyurethane mixture. I also have a prototype led engine for bubble lights that is in testing now.

Reel to Reel Transport


I have been working on a Reel to Reel Tape transport system for a new tape player. This is half way designed and still in concept Phases.

Quick Record cleaner


for now this item is in my head and if there would be interest in it i may think on getting a design put together. My goal would be to clean one record, both sides, in 30 seconds.

Paramount Stars

Paramount star model

I have this designed in a c6 version but have been thinking of a c7 led version bulb.

Glass Sputnik bulbs


Have thought about making c7 glass sputnik bulbs.

Swarovski star prototype

Prototype LED matchless star with swarovski crystal

In working with the matchless star designs I also tried some Swarovski crystal and they look fantastic. I have crystal and now working on the attachment clamp.