New shooting star bubble tubes,and new christmas lights.


Please take a look at my Shooting star bubble light tubes. My goal is to make as much of my product as possible locally. This will include Christmas lighting, residential lighting, audio, computer electronic type of products.  Please stop by often to see updates as this will evolve over time.

prototype LED matchless star bubble light

New LED bubble light prototype

I had an idea to make an led board that can also produce enough heat to work a bubble tube. 

Featured Products

Need a bubble light set?

Please visit my friends at Christmas by Carlisle. These wonderful tubes are installed in their bubble light products. These are the older C6 series style sets with the E10 screw base. They offer full boxed sets, single bulbs, and replacement strands.

About Me

My background

Hello, My name is John, president of Campbell Invent LLC. I have been a collector of vintage Christmas lights since i was very young. For several years now i have worked as a light fixture designer. I have created my designs using 3D modeling cad Solidworks. I have designed architectural and industrial light fixtures that have been sold all over the U.S. With my experience i have been able to start making replica Christmas lights for many people to enjoy for the future. I have also designed a lot of mechanical devices and furniture.

How I got hooked


Since i was a little kid i had been mesmerized by color light and lighting in general. I have liked lights since i was about 5 years old.

Things I love


I have many hobbies beyond Christmas lights such as Collecting Aluminum Christmas Trees, Vinyl Records, Audio Equipment, Computers, Old computers, Swimming, and Much more that i have had to limit myself lol.

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Campbell Invent LLC

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Since i still work a full time job, at this time i cannot take calls during the day. Please send an email and i will get back to you when i can.